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All-natural unripe grape juice that gives an extra burst of sour flavor to your dishes. The verjuice is a non-fermented and yeast free juice that can be used as a substitute for lemon or vinegar. Our verjuice is extracted from indigenous Lebanese grapes with highly concentered flavor. Add few drops to your dressings and marinades for a wonderful sour note.

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Verjuice or sour grape juice is a staple in every Lebanese pantry and Middle Eastern cuisine, especially when lemons are not in season or too expensive. Carefully extracted and produced by our cooperative in the Bekaa valley, our verjuice is prepared in early summer when the grapes are still green. It can be stored all year long and used to add a sour kick to favorite dishes like Tabboule and stuffed grape leaves.
Natural sour grape juice and salt.
An ideal substitute for lemon juice, lime, vinegar and pomegranate molasses. Add to salad dressings, marinades, and even soups and stews.