Our Commitments

At Terroirs du Liban, we are committed:


Terroirs du Liban products are delicious and totally free of artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives. They are prepared with fresh, high-quality produce, using traditional know-how while observing rigorous hygiene criteria. As a result, our natural products boast not only exceptional flavor but also high nutritional value that meets today’s demands for healthier eating and living.

Our range includes many organic products of which five have already received the Organic Certification "Agriculture Biologique" while many others are undergoing the certification process.


Our mission is to preserve Lebanon’s food heritage and tradition while promoting our unique gastronomy and offering the world a taste of authentic Lebanese food products. Terroirs du Liban treasures multi-generational unique recipes inspired by our bountiful soil. Our producers who are based in rural settlements throughout Lebanon are considered the guardians of these culinary gems and the keepers of their legacy; a great tradition and exceptional savoir faire that you are invited to taste and discover throughout Terroirs du Liban.


Terroirs du Liban breaks ground in state-of-the-art, sustainability-focused production that also improves the life conditions and ensures the welfare of agricultural communities, especially those of hardworking men and women in rural areas.

While Terroirs du Liban is dedicated to making local communities a better place to live, our producers are dedicated to high work ethics and aspire to strike the perfect balance of flavors in every product so that each jar is made and filled with great love and care!


Terroirs du Liban is a socially responsible brand fully practicing the 10 Fair Trade Principles and always putting people first.

We are member of the global community of WFTO, which brings together over 1,000 social enterprises around the world, all committed to these same principles. Our products have the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade product label which is the unique international verification model that puts the interest of workers, farmers and artisans first.

Alongside the promotion of ethically made products, Terroirs du Liban carries out other operations, such as supporting watershed projects, raising awareness about organic and ethically-minded agriculture, safeguarding ground-water sustainability, training farmers and cooperatives and supporting them on many aspects of farming and food processing.