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The juice from the sour Merweh green grape, a vine indigenous to Lebanon, is craftily extracted to obtain this pure green grape vinegar. Our verjuice is elaborated from an ancient traditional recipe creating a sour, yet delicate flavor.

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Verjuice is a strong acidic liquid made from the pressings of unripened grapes. The grapes are harvested before they ripe to produce a unique sour and delicate flavor. Verjuice was commonly produced in mountain villages of Lebanon, mostly where lemon trees were scarce.
Our authentic verjuice is made from Merweh grapes, an endemic vine that grows in the Bekaa valley. They are picked early in the season and pressed by an agricultural community based in Ferzol, a region in the Bekaa.
Sour grape juice and salt.
*May contain traces of sesame, nuts, gluten and milk.
Its soured taste seasons your salads and helps deglaze your sauces.
To add a tangy note to your cocktails and lemonades.