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Coming from a wild shrub berries, Sumac is a popular spice that is tart, lemony, fruity, with almost a tinge of vinegar flavor. Add it to your salads or meats for that extra zing.

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Sumac comes from the berries of a wild shrub found in rocky terrain of high plateau areas in Lebanon. It is a popular spice which adds to dishes a hint of fruity and slightly lemony flavor. It’s a key spice in most Lebanese salads, in fattoush and in the emblematic zaatar blend. Sumac berries are sour and astringent, and when the dark red berries are fully ripened, they are harvested, dried, and ground. Use it as dry rub, in zaatar mix, on your grilled meats, over your salads, or on any dish to take your cooking to the next level.
*May contain traces of sesame, nuts, gluten and milk.
Adds a lemon taste to fish, seafood, poultry, salads, rice and yogurt.
Sprinkle over the eggs.