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Mulberry Syrup
Mulberry Syrup

Mulberry Syrup

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There is nothing quite like the unique flavor of mulberries; intensely sweet but with a slightly sour edge. Made from concentrated mulberry juice, sugar and citric acid, this mulberry syrup is scrumptious and sourced directly from small-scale famers based in the Bekaa valley.

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Mulberry syrup is made of concentrated mulberry juice, sugar and citric acid.
In Lebanon, mulberry trees are linked to the heyday of silk manufacturing. From 1872 to 1910, silk production was considered the pillar of the Lebanese economy. Most Lebanese families used to breed the silkworms at home, hence, they grew mulberry trees in their gardens.
Mulberry is a delicate fruit that contains a good source of vitamins and iron. It is served as a revitalizing drink, when diluted with chilled water, or it is drizzled over cakes, yogurts and desserts. In Lebanon, Mulberry syrup is regarded as the quintessential refreshing summer drink.
Our scrumptious, naturally grown produce, is sourced directly from small family farmers based in the Bekaa valley.
Mulberry juice, sugar and citric acid.
*May contain traces of sesame and almond.
Mix 1 unit of syrup with 6 units of water or use as a topping for dairy desserts.
Pairs well with cocktails and Arak.