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Mulberry, Mint & Lime Mojito

Mulberry, Mint & Lime Mojito

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 10 mins

For 2 glasses





  • 86 ml rum
  • 100 ml mulberry syrup
  • 8 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 limes
  • 100 ml sparkling water
  • Mint leaves and lime slices for garnish
  • Ice cubes




    1. In a mixing bowl, place the cut-up lime pieces, mint leaves, and mulberry syrup. Crush everything together using a pestle or a wooden spoon.
    2. Add the rum and sparkling water to the mixture.
    3. Fill the glasses with ice cubes and strain the mixture into the glasses.
    4. Garnish with mint leaves and lime slices.


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