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Fig Jam with Sesame
Fig Jam with Sesame

Fig Jam with Sesame

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With honeylike sweetness and nutty flavors from the sesame, our fig and sesame jam is based on a traditional Lebanese recipe with a unique taste.

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A rich fragrant fig spread mixed with toasted sesame seeds. In ancient times, figs were offered to training Olympian athletes due to their honeylike sweetness and dense nutrients. Historically, the fig has symbolized prosperity, peace and fertility. It is produced by one of the oldest fruit trees in the Mediterranean and it is entwined into the Lebanese culinary heritage. Our fig spread has a rich, nutty, sweet flavor. It is accompanied well by dried breads or dairy products and it tastes great over a wedge of yellow cheese.
Our produce is handcrafted by a small-scale producer in the west area of the Bekaa valley.
Green figs, sugar, roasted sesame, citric acid and musk.
*May contain traces of nuts, gluten and milk.
Pairs well with desserts, goat cheese and meats.