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Freekeh - Roasted Green Wheat
Freekeh - Roasted Green Wheat

Freekeh - Roasted Green Wheat

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Reputed for their delicious smoky flavor, wheat is harvested while still green and then carefully roasted to create the famous Freekeh grains. Compared to other grains, Freekeh contains more proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals and less fat.

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Freekeh is a green grain made from young wheat which is harvested when the grains are still green and soft. The grains are sun-dried and then roasted by placing them on piles of straw which are set on fire, in the fields. The grains which have not burnt, due to high moisture, are then hand-picked and sun-dried. The freekeh grains are then ready to be used as whole or cracked into smaller pieces. Freekeh makes a nutritious lunch meal, it can be added to soups or stews and it accompanies well lamb, fish, poultry or vegetarian dishes.
It is a versatile ingredient, low-GI, high in protein and fibre with a beautifully smoky flavor. It is an ancient staple in the Levantine cuisine. Our freekeh originates from south Lebanon produced by a small rural women’s community.
Whole wheat and salt.
*May contain traces of nuts, gluten and milk.
Replaces rice and pasta.
Pairs well with meats and vegetables.
Boil with water and salt for 45 minutes.