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Shake well, pour, enjoy! Tarator is a creamy, ready-to-use sesame-based sauce. This condiment is ideal for enhancing all kinds of dishes, sandwiches and salads. It's also rich in protein, fiber and vitamins B1 and B2.

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Tasty and nutritious, tarator is a tahini (sesame paste) sauce very popular in the Levantine cuisine. This ready-to-use condiment elevates your meat and fish dishes. Smooth and delicious, tarator is ideal for seasoning salads and roasted vegetables. It also pairs well with sandwiches such as shawarma and falafel. This creamy sesame sauce is handcrafted by a women's cooperative in the Bekaa region.
Water (59.6%), tahini (roasted hulled SESAME seeds (origin: Sudan)) (39%), salt, acidifying agent: E330.
A ready-to-consume product, tarator is a seasoning served with shawarma, falafels and fish. Also accompanies salads and grilled vegetables.