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Olive Oil and Laurel Soap

Olive Oil and Laurel Soap

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A traditional and all natural product, this olive oil and bay leaf soap has an exquisite scent that lingers. Contains no synthetic scent or preservatives. Recommended for sensitive skin.

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This soap is made with olive oil and laurel oil without any additional fragrance or colors. It is all natural. Laurel oil has aromatic and soothing properties, extracted from the leaves of dark green shrubs, similar to bay leaves.
Olive and laurel oil soap cleanses your skin without stripping away its natural oils, assisting skin hydration. It is highly recommended for the relief of itchiness, especially for psoriasis, acne and eczema. The combination of olive oil and bay laurel oil helps the skin regain its softness.
Our premium olive oil is produced by a small-scale family business from Jbeil.
Olive oil, bay leaf oil, water and caustic soda.
Recommended for sensitive skin.
Useful to remove greasy stains.