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Fleur de Sel with Damask Rose

Fleur de Sel with Damask Rose

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A delicate flaky salt, with a certain briny flavor retained from the sea. Our fleur de sel comes with a blend of dried Damascus rose, dried oregano, dried onion, dried garlic and black pepper. Enhance the flavor of all your savory dishes by adding this superb seasoning.

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Our Fleur de sel comes from the Anfeh salinas, in the Koura region of northern Lebanon, where it is known locally as "white gold". The tradition of salt extraction has been handed down from generation to generation. The work of these SMEs is based on the extraction of the fleur de sel, which is harvested by hand using a wooden puller with a long handle. The coastal village of Anfeh is a historic site and a peninsula characterized by its shape and ancient remains. The name "Damask Rose" in reference to the Syrian capital was given by the Crusaders when they brought the rose back to Europe. The rose is widely planted in Lebanon, where the soil and climate are ideal for its growth. Renowned for its enchanting aroma, the rose is an essential ingredient in oriental Lebanese recipes.
Fleur de sel (92%) (origin: Lebanon), dried Damascus rose (Rosa damascena) (2%) (origin: Lebanon), dried oregano, dried onion, dried garlic and black pepper.
Delicately flavors your meats and salads. Ideal to season your rice or to sprinkle on your eggs.