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Fleur de Sel Smoked with Aromatic Herbs
Fleur de Sel Smoked with Aromatic Herbs

Fleur de Sel Smoked with Aromatic Herbs

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A delicate flaky salt, with a certain briny flavor retained from the sea. Our fleur de sel comes smoked with aromatic herbs like oregano, sage, thyme, sumac and bay leaves. Enhance the flavor of all your savory dishes by adding this superb seasoning.

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Fleur de sel is the thin layer of salt crystals that form on the surface of salt marshes. In late afternoon, in the summer, when the wind blows over the surface of the seawater basins, the fleur de sel crystals are formed in plates. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. The traditional extraction of fleur de sel helps conserve the environment and it contributes to the local economy. Fleur de sel is particularly appreciated by gourmets as it adds an exquisite touch when it is sprinkled over meats. With the addition of oregano, sage, sumac, thyme and bay leaves, it makes an outstanding seasoning that enhances the flavors of any dish .
Enfeh, in the North, is the most famous village in Lebanon for the extraction of fleur de sel where it’s locally known as ‘white gold’.
Fleur de sel, oregano, thyme, sumac, sage and bay leaves.
Seasons vegetables, meats and grilled fish.
Pairs well with olive oil as an apéritif.