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Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam

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Bursting with the flavor of this sweet summery fruit, our apricot jam is slightly tart with a pleasant apricot perfume. Produced from an indigenous apricot variety, famous for their juicy, lush, and velvety texture.

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This jam is made with one of the most popular summer fruits, apricot. Apricot boasts the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, wrapped in its characteristic velvety skin. The most obvious place for apricot jam is with toast for a tasty breakfast, but it is also the perfect complement for white cheese, yogurts and brioche, or can be used in desserts and pastries. For our apricot jam we use the famed “em hussein” apricot, which has a lush juicy flavor. Cooked with well-ripened, locally-sourced apricots, our ethical jam is made by a women’s cooperative in the West Bekaa.
Apricots, sugar and citric acid.
Pairs well with yogurt, pastries and cheese.