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Cucumber Pickles

Cucumber Pickles

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Offering a distinct sour and pungent flavor with a firm crispy texture, our cucumber pickles are carefully cultivated and harvested in Lebanon's Bekaa valley. The perfect tangy pairing for any savory dish, pickles are also essential for your gut health and digestion.

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Cucumber pickles are grown in the sunny and fertile soil of the Bekaa valley. The cucumbers are carefully picked at the right time to ensure the perfect balance between sweetness and a firm crispy texture. Our pickled cucumbers have a distinct tangy, pungent flavor which makes them the perfect accompaniment for burgers, kebabs, minced or cold meats, falafel and salads. The women of a small cooperative in the Bekaa valley devotedly pick and prepare these pickles using water, salt and aromatics.
Cucumbers, water, salt and vinegar.
Pickles that perfectly complement your meat, cold cuts and cheese.