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Bulgur Fine - White
Bulgur Fine - White

Bulgur Fine - White

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Bulgur is a staple in the Lebanese cuisine. Our White fine bulgur is of premium quality and is rich in essential minerals like selenium, magnesium, and copper. Traditionally used in baked dishes like meat or vegetarian kebbe, or in salads like tabboule.

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Bulgur is made of wheat that has been parboiled and then sun-dried and ground. The process takes several days and the end-product is ground to a fine size. Bulgur is definitely a staple in Lebanese cuisine.
It offers all the nutritional benefits of wheat, including essential minerals such as selenium, manganese, phosphorous and copper. Fine bulgur is the main ingredient for the two national dishes of kebbe (meatballs) and tabboule (a salad made with parsley, bulgur, tomato and onion). Our premium quality bulgur is the product of a small-scale agricultural community in the Bekaa valley.
Fine Wheat.
*May contain traces of nuts, gluten and milk.
Used for tabboulé.
Replaces rice and pasta.