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Bulgur Coarse - Brown
Bulgur Coarse - Brown

Bulgur Coarse - Brown

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Providing higher quantities of fibers and proteins than white rice, bulgur is a healthier option. With its nutty and slightly earthy tones, this coarse brown bulgur is perfectly served as a side dish. Replaces rice or pasta and pairs well with meats and vegetables.

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Bulgur is made of wheat that has been parboiled and then sun-dried and ground. The process takes several days and the end-product is ground to a course size.
It offers all of the nutritional benefits of wheat, including essential minerals such as selenium, manganese, phosphorous and copper.
Bulgur can be served as a side dish, like rice, added to soups and stews or mixed and baked in a variety of dishes. Bulgur is definitely a staple in Lebanese cuisine. This type of burgul is perfect for the burgul bi-dfine dish (made of burgul and chickpeas).
Our premium quality bulgur is the product of a small-scale agricultural community in the Bekaa valley.
Cracked Wheat.
*May contain traces of nuts, gluten and milk.
Used for tabboulé.
Replaces rice and pasta.